Pergikerja.com : LoKer Medan Terbaru 2 Posisi PT. SMART, Tbk November 2021

Pergikerja.com : LoKer Medan Terbaru 2 Posisi PT. SMART, Tbk November 2021

PT. Sinar Mas Agro Resources & Technology, Tbk (PT. SMART, Tbk) saat ini membutuhkan karyawan dengan posisi sebagai berikut :

Posisi & Kualifikasi :
- E & I Technician
1. Carry out all electrical and instrumentation (EI) work ,modification, and corrective action to all EI equipment which is the company's assets and facilities according to the instructions of Supervisor as the direct superior.
2. Implement the installation work of EI equipments under the direction of Supervisor as direct superior.
3. Implement preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and monitoring equipment on all EI equipments which are company assets based on Preventive Maintenance Schedule, Condition Monitoring Report, and Work Order of User under Supervisor direction.
4. Notify your superior if you have any problems / difficulties in the job.
5. Work with other technicians in carrying out their work.
6. Reporting the use of materials in carrying out its work to the immediate superior and / or subsequent supervisor.
7. Perform maintenance actions (preventive maintenance & corrective maintenance) on the EI equipments.
8. Carry out its work according to applicable safety regulations.
9. Responsible in maintaining and keeping the rules of the company and its obligations can be run with full awareness in line with the rights received by subordinates. Maintain and keep the work discipline in full awareness.
10. Responsible for the maintenance of all work equipment (equipment) and cleanliness of the workplace environment.
11. Carry out other duties in respect of his work as instructed by his superiors.
12. Ready to fulfill the vocation when emergency call even outside his office hours
13. Responsible for the quality and achievement of personnel work under its supervision.
14. Responsible for inspecting and maintaining equipment and spare parts and safety equipment in its group (EI).
15. Responsible for the development of EI in relation with technical skills, discipline in safety and morals.
16. Begin inspection and troubleshoot plant / equipment work submitted for repair.
17. Active in analyzing and repairing defects and abnormalities of the equipment and must be available at all times with the team and its equipment to act promptly on emergency calls and report to the supervisor.
18. Preparing the Daily Activities Report at the end of each day indicating the status of the work and the amount of man power used for each activity.
19. Ensure good discipline is maintained at all times.
20. Maintaining the cleanliness, neatness and security of the work area to promote better working conditions between groups.
21. Attend the appropriate Supervisory, technical and training as instructed.


- Automation Supervisor
1. Minimum Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering
2. Having min 3 years of working experience as Electrical and Instrument Engineer
3. Having experience in Automation
4. Good in Analytical Thinking
5. Willing to be located in Medan - PT SOCI MAS
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PT. Sinar Mas Agro Resources & Technology  Tbk (PT. SMART, Tbk)

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